Clothing Co.

In the Summer of 2005, Atlanta was the mecca of black culture.  Artists like T.I, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy and were dominating the music industry with trap and snap music.


BMF had the traps jumping from NY to Cali and the hottest streetwear fashion were Trap Tees.


In Atlanta, a small clothing company made a lot of noise.

The Style Master Generals Clothing Company started by brothers Aquil and Nadir and their cousin Gavin in the West End neighborhood of Atlanta.  


Their first popular shirt GTA Atlanta sold out fast. Going to all the nightspots and selling out the trunk, the T-shirts started to get cult notoriety. They were able to place their shirts in the premier hip hop clothing store Phat Gear and USA Boutique. Both located in Downtown, Atlanta.  


At the USA Boutique Style Master Generals introduced the Dopeboy design.  This quickly became the most popular design. The gloss finish and giant weed bag packaging separated Style Master Generals from other brands and 

they were sought out by all trappers and hip hop artists.




-Crime Mobb


and many other hot artists and hip hop personalities.


The designs pushed the edge of street fashion to a point of no return. Trendsetters, their designs have influence over street fashion to this day 15 years later.  


We are now offering Limited Edition designs to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the release of the Dopeboy character Trap Tee. 


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